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    22 Of The Clearest Signs Yet It's Totally On

    It's abundantly clear that Tony Abbott has a new challenger.

    1. The prime minister's approval numbers have slumped AGAIN which is leading to a lot of people feeling like... "it's on".

    #Newspoll Preferred PM: Abbott 35 (-3) Shorten 40 (+2) #auspol

    For those who don't know, "on" is the state in Australian politics when every single thing that happens is about the prime minister's leadership.

    Like it was so "on" earlier this year, Liberal colleagues moved against Tony Abbott's leadership to give him a clear warning that he's on a knife edge with the party.

    For six months it was off... except now it's totally back "on" because one man has emerged, who isn't Malcolm Turnbull and is beloved by the party.

    That man is Scott Morrison.

    2. Let's look at some of the evidence: Morrison has been caught dining (ALONE) with media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

    3. Murdoch was briefly in the country and appeared to be doing some version of Liberal party speed dating with Morrison and Abbott. Also News Corp columnists are now totally on for ScoMo.

    4. Then there was this tweet on Tuesday. You could think it was about the NBN... but it's a clear sledge against Tony Abbott and (more importantly) Malcolm Turnbull.

    NBN would be great for Foxtel, but at $56bn can nation afford it? That's $2700 per man, woman and child. Who's in charge?

    5. Morrison also posed for this literally glowing feature in Australian Women's Weekly with his white-clad daughters and wife *choral music plays*

    6. Scott "Stop The Boats" Morrison was moved into the social services portfolio earlier this year. He is now Scott "Vaccinate Your Bloody Kids" Morrison.

    7. One of the biggest signs that Morrison has been positioning himself as the alternate Liberal leader is that he returned to Twitter after a HUGE lay-off.

    8. Sure you're saying, "right social media is a sign of 'on'" but trust us, he's using it to connect to voters and his colleagues.

    Great questions on my Facebook Q&A with Minister @ScottMorrisonMP. Thank you to all who participated.

    9. He's even using Twitter to show up his boss on big national issues.

    To paraphrase a great rugby phrase 'go you Goodes thing' and to quote Warren Mundine 'stop the boos'

    10. Showing the world he can catch a chicken.

    11. ScoMo has been careful to side with the right-wing of his party when it comes to marriage equality. Like when he just made up a new phrase for marriage.

    I support maintaining marriage integrity & getting on with the job of economic and national security

    12. The former immigration minister (charged with turning around asylum seekers boats back to Asian nations) even loves ethnic food!

    Happy Indian Independence Day - celebrating with lamb & sweet potato curry in onion masala - not talking about rugby

    13. He has been taking selfies.

    On air with Ben Fordham at Blacktown Mazda

    14. And snapping pictures with reality TV stars.

    They're all here in Canberra tonight #rhom

    15. He also drives like you and me! (not like some of his colleagues).

    Heading to Tuggerah for more consultations on childcare for families package with Karen McNamara

    16. But here we come to the most certain sign that it is totally on: Morrison's purple shirts.

    17. He loves wearing different shades of purple shirt.

    18. Rolled up sleeves of a purple shirt is the uniform of "Morrison The Softy Bloke".

    19. Because deadset he wears so many purple shirts.

    20. As Abbott rallies his blue ties, Morrison has clearly found his uniform.

    21. Because while Malcolm Turnbull clearly can't sing and dance to his party's tune.

    22. It's blindly clear... it's totally on.