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Our Newest Senator Spells His Name With A Colon To Escape The Government's Clutches

What-A: time.

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Meet the newest One Nation senator, Malcolm Roberts, who on Thursday argued that the United Nations is trying to impose global government through climate change policy.

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Roberts, who has been elected to the senate for at least the next three years, was formerly the head of the Galileo Movement, an organisation dedicated to proving that humans are not responsible for climate change.

The new senator also wrote a letter to the then prime minister Julia Gillard in 2011, demanding tens of thousands of dollars in personal financial compensation because of her government's carbon tax.

The letter is addressed to "The Woman, Julia-Eileen: Gillard." from "Malcolm-Ieuan: Roberts.".

Political commentator Dominic Kelly said that the strange hyphen and colon use in names are the hallmarks of people around the world who consider themselves "sovereign citizens".

The "sovereign citizens" are often described as anti-government extremists who believe they live outside the power of local taxation laws.

But what's with the punctuation? Well this article from the Southern Poverty Law Centre reports of a US civil suit brought by someone calling himself the "king of Hawaii" and explains it:

(Like many sovereigns who don’t recognize most state and federal laws, he claims the government uses grammar to enslave it citizens. By using hyphens and colons in their names, he claims, citizens can escape the grasp of government and its taxes.)

So there you have it. Malcolm-Ieuan: Roberts is using the punctuation marks to escape the grasp of government and its taxes. FREEDOM!

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