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In News That'll Surprise No One, Mark Latham Wants To Be A Facebook Live Star

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Just days after being sacked by a large media company for the second time in two years, Mark Latham touted the launch of a new "media platform" for his Outsiders project.

In just two days, great progress in setting up new media platform. Three possibilities - which one to choose? Latham unfiltered. Free speech

The former Labor leader, who is on a generous parliamentary pension, had his Sky News contract terminated last week after a series of verbal on air attacks against women, children and minorities.

@johnsnot @SkyNews Thanks John, new Outsiders show on new platform coming soon! In the long run, censorship only wo…

Well wait no longer! Latham has launched "Mark Latham's Outsiders" which is billed as a Facebook Live news service aimed at fighting "cultural Marxism".

Facebook: video.php

"Welcome to Mark Latham's Outsiders, Australia's most politically incorrect news and current affairs site," Latham says, standing in front of a stark white wall.

"We’ve heard so many changes about Australia: Safe Schools, safe spaces, 18C, cultural Marxism, through all our institutions, the universities, the ABC, the Human Rights Commission, the whole lot.

"Well we need to push back against this rubbish to restore Australian values."

Latham also asks for financial contributions from followers for "start-up costs", adding, "We offer a 'Deplorable' Guarantee!"

The look and feel of the page suggests Latham will be trying to replicate the success of alt-right media personalities including Mike Cernovich, who have built followings using live streaming.

Mark Di Stefano is a media and politics correspondent for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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