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The #FreeMilo Movement Is Trending And Aussies Are Confused

Free speech is delicious.

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ICYMI, notorious online troll Milo Yiannopoulos has been permanently banned from Twitter, a day after he incited his followers to harass Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones.

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The news of Yiannopoulos's suspension quickly spread over Twitter and his supporters rallied around the hashtag #FreeMilo. It started trending everywhere. Even Down Under.

As an Australian I thought #FreeMilo was for a give away of the chocolatey drink...

And for a second there Aussies got excited.

#FreeMilo is trending and for a second i thought they were giving the drink for free i was liKE LITTTT

Because Milo is a chocolaty, powder-based drink that many consider the national beverage.

Australians devastated to learn #freeMilo is not offering a supply of the chocolatey nutritious drink.

You can read all about how to drink it here.

ok is someone giving away #freemilo? my large bucket of milk is in desperate need of flavouring, where is the milo

But people also realised what the hashtag was actually about and started to troll it with delicious references to the drink.

#freemilo I will never free milo and I will ban all other powdered drink additives

There were a lot of Milo cans being posted in honour of #FreeMilo.

#FreeMilo I will leave the free cans of Milo drink powder in a box outside my house. First come, first served.

yes, i also agree that this delicious powdered beverage should be free #FreeMilo

So remember, #FreeMilo might be an online movement fighting for free speech on Twitter.

You wanna know what I think about #FreeMilo? Dunk that shit in some milk, stir it up and send it back to 1982.

But it's also a bloody delicious drink, mate.

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