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Ed Miliband Listening To Nigel Farage Is Maybe The Most Sassy Thing Of All Time

"Say that again."

When Ed Miliband was forced to listen to Nigel Farage attacking him at tonight's election debate, his expression was priceless.

And sassy Miliband-face became a thing.

When you’re best friend said they cancelled dinner because they are ill but you know they’re lying #BBCdebate

Miliband's sass face wins everything. #BBCDebate

Ed Miliband works the "Look, don't give me that shit, Nigel" face! #ChallengersDebate

Edward Miliband's sassy Nigel Farage listening face is great #BBCDebate

Liking Ed Miliband's Face of Contempt when talking to Farage

Soon, it wasn't just Farage he was aiming it at.

Ed Miliband giving good face tonight. This is him looking at Sturgeon

No wonder people at the last debate were all a-flutter over his raw sexuality.

Anyone else getting a little revved up right now? #BBCDebate

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