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This Kiwi Got Sensually Stroked By German Leader Angela Merkel

Prost to the freaking weekend.

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Hello Friday, we meet again. By the sounds of it you need a pick me up to get you through the final hours of your working week?


Well say hello to the kiwi bird! The national animal of New Zealand and the cutest thing to be named after a delicious green fruit.

And now German Chancellor Angela Merkel has had the chance to get up close and personal with a kiwi bird on her trip to New Zealand. It started pretty awkward.

Jason Dorday / Getty Images

But then she started to get into it.

Jason Dorday / Getty Images

Does Merkel know how amazing this is?! She's about to release a kiwi named "Whau" back into the wild!!

Jason Dorday / Getty Images

*whispers* "Kiwi, I will take you back to Germany. We need a new national bird."

Jason Dorday / Getty Images

So how's your Friday going now??