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Malcolm Turnbull Is Catching Trains And It's Perfect Trolling

Oh heeeeeey, look at this lovely train to Geelong.

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The Speaker Bronwyn Bishop has been swatting away nagging questions over her expenses after it was revealed she caught a $5,000 helicopter for the short journey between Melbourne and Geelong.

On Wednesday, the Herald Sun reported Bishop had charged the taxpayer for attending another wedding of a Liberal MP in Queensland.

It's the second instance where Bishop has been found attending the weddings of colleagues, just a week after prime minister Tony Abbott put her on "probation" over the scandal.

Well they say timing is everything in politics... and Malcolm Turnbull arriving in Melbourne and letting everyone know about his train trip to Geelong is *kisses fingers* PERFECT.

After 2 interesting tram trips last night now on the 109 on Collins St to Sth Cross to get the train to Geelong to visit @SHendersonMP

Turnbull - who has trolled using Twitter and public transport before - tweeted his series of tram and train journeys around the great state of Victoria.

A conductor checked my myki to confirm I had tapped on. So flattered he thought I was fit enough to have been able to leap over the barrier


And there he is standing beside local Geelong MP Sarah Henderson and a local train.

At Sth Geelong station with @SHendersonMP before going to Torquay to inspect the @NBN_Australia rollout.

Giving a big FU to the speaker is not enough, though. The Big Mal has been busy chronicling all his public transport adventures.

Enjoying the pleasure of the 96 tram on the way to St Kilda this evening in Melbourne the tram network of which is the largest in the world.

Getting called out...

.@TurnbullMalcolm Photo or it didn’t happen.


Well for the sceptical here it is @vanbadham having a chat with @DanCWatt about music journalism

Never change Malcolm... Twitter is your medium to troll your entire party and the nation.

@ISupportTony you should lighten up. Trains and trams are fun. Meet new people. See new sights. Avoid road rage.

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