"Majestic Sky Penis" Spotted In Skies Above Britain

    "When will we see vagina clouds?"

    A keen photographer known simply as "Villager Jim" has sent a photo of a peculiar cloud formation to local newspaper Western Daily Press.

    Always on the look out for quirky content, Australia's favourite tabloid The NT News somehow picked up on the story on Thursday and dubbed it the "majestic sky penis".

    The unique cloud quickly captured Australia's imagination and Twitter tried to agree on its Latin name.

    Others with expert knowledge on clouds were ready with analysis.

    *strokes chin* hmm *straightens glasses* hmm *adjusts tweed jacket* yes i believe that's a cumulodingus formation

    @MarkDiStef Just wait till a small Cumulus floats by.

    And some couldn't shake that this is a sign that the end was near.

    @johncarneyau @shellity @DrRachie @MarkDiStef IT IS THE DAY OF PECKERNING

    @MarkDiStef @jothornely @shellity @DrRachie IT’S THE FAPTURE!

    The "sky cock" acquired a Twitter account.

    It's not the first time cocks in the shape of clouds have spurred our attention.

    Which left some asking this important question: