Here's What Emily Maitlis Was Writing As She Dropped That Thermonuclear Eye Roll

    "I was crossing out all future dates and holiday plans."

    You've probably clocked by now that Theresa May's Brexit deal suffered a second crushing defeat in parliament on Tuesday night, throwing the country into further political crisis.

    And approximately at the same time Theresa May was heading home for the night, staring into the Brexit void...

    ...on the BBC's Newsnight program, host Emily Maitlis was grilling a panel of MPs about who was to blame and what the hell happens next.


    In a clip that's now gone viral, Maitlis asked Barry Gardiner what Labour's Brexit position was in the party's manifesto, if there was an election held next week.

    "To negotiate the deal that we have set out," Gardiner began, before Maitlis interjected, "That's going to be on the leaflet?"

    "Well, we will decide what our manifesto position is as we normally do, it's a democratic party it's not made up by one person on Newsnight as you know."

    Midway through the answer, Maitlis dropped a thermonuclear side-eye at what she was hearing.

    Maitlis side eye has knocked the planet off orbit.

    Understandably, people think it sums up the country's boiling frustration at all the news.

    The reaction of @maitlis to @BarryGardiner’s waffle on #Newsnight is EVERYTHING TO ME RN. I bet she’s writing “COCK” over and over again. The side-eye at the end. That is MY SIDE-EYE every time he is on.

    But what was she furiously scribbling? When asked by BuzzFeed News, Maitlis said: "Crossing out all future dates and holiday plans."

    Help us out here. What did Emily Maitlis write on her pad? (Scrawl it on a piece of paper, take a picture and reply to this thread.) #whatemilywrote

    Well that's a mood.

    Life goal. To master the Maitlis side eye.

    For real though, Maitlis had a pretty sensible answer for the scribbling.

    "When I’m trying to process thoughts I write down what they’ve just said so I can actually take it in and see if it makes sense to me,” she told BuzzFeed News.

    Anyway, I'm off to master government minister Nadhim Zahawi's "Jim from The Office" routine until we get out of this Brexit mess.