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Women Are Being Addressed By Politicians Using Their Boyfriends' Surnames, Because Fuck The Patriarchy

More like snail male, right?!

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With very few days left in the election, women around the country have started noticing something pretty shitty ... political parties are referring to them with their boyfriend's or brother's surnames.

Heyyy @NickVarvarisMP just because I live at the same address as my boyfriend does not mean I take his last name

It's happening a lot in Sydney with the letters sent out by Liberal MP for Barton, Nick Varvaris.

@alex_c_lee I just came home to this. Every day another weird piece of mail from him (this is not my name either)

And an example has even popped up from the bloody prime minister, who has gone to the expense of sending heartfelt words to constituents ...

Hi @TurnbullMalcolm.Can you explain how 1mth after boyfriend moved into my apartment you assume I've taken his name?

... without realising who owns the joint.

I've lived here for a year, I own the apartment. And yet a man moves in with me and suddenly I've got his name, &mail is addressed to him.

Don't worry it's not just the Liberal party database being sexist either. All the parties are having some problems.

@MarkDiStef Libs think my better half & her little brother are married; Greens seem to believe she's just a chattelšŸ¤”

Like in Adelaide, Labor is just marrying brothers and sisters now.

@MarkDiStef Kate Ellis thinks my sister and I are married!

Former NSW Liberal premier Barry O'Farrell says it "happens all the time".

@MarkDiStef it happens all the time. Worse case is where mother/son or father/daughter are at an address & get addresses 'Mr & Mrs' 1/2

BuzzFeed News has spoken to several campaigners who say parties send the letters using data collected from internal political databases and the Australian Electoral Commission.

@MarkDiStef at least it refutes conspiracy theories about the 'invasive & all powerful' MPs' data bases 2/2

Still kind of makes you wonder, in the age of ~innovation~, how Australian political parties can't seem to figure this stuff out. Because assuming that all women in a household have the same surname as the men is a little bit fucked up.


Mark Di Stefano is a media and politics correspondent for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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