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A Politician Expertly Trolled The "War On Easter" And The Daily Mail Didn't Get It

Mmmm give me some "warmed non-denominational cinnamon flavoured geometrically decorated seasonal fruit buns".

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Meet Australian Greens senator Nick McKim. Earlier this week, he took the piss out of the fictitious "WAR ON EASTER" by handing out halal-certified Easter eggs and delicious looking non-denominational fruit buns to his staff.

Treating staff to halal-certified holiday eggs and warmed non-denominational cinnamon flavoured geometrically decor…

McKim was having a joke about far right senator Pauline Hanson's call to boycott Cadbury this Easter because it's chocolate is halal certified.

The senator was also taking a little shot at conservatives for their delusional campaign against the efforts to re-label "Easter eggs" as "Holiday eggs".

You can read all about that here.


Senator McKim told BuzzFeed News, "it's never good to have to explain your jokes but it was a pretty obvious piece of satire."

"And yeah, we were taking the piss out of Pauline Hanson as hard as we could because let's face it she deserves it."

He had one final message for BuzzFeed News readers: "Happy Easter to everyone and enjoy your hot cross buns!"

Mark Di Stefano is a media and politics reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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