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People Couldn't Handle Lionel Messi's Terrible Fashion Sense

Very Messi, Leo.

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Argentine Lionel Messi is the world's greatest footballer. He's on a different plane. On the weekend he led Barcelona to a 2 - 1 win over arch-rivals Real Madrid and casually left defenders looking embarrassed.

But when team-mate Rafinha uploaded this shot post-match there was only one embarassed individual.

Força Barça!!!! Juntos pudimos!!! Enorme, equipo!!! Que noche!!! Vamos Barçaaaa!!! PD: Estilo...

People immediately went about characterising Messi as some kind of, friendly, office computer guy.

Hi, I'm Lionel Messi. You said you were having trouble with your remote login password?


Or your Dad.

Barcelona players really know how to dress for a night out

Messi also had a big night out.

Messi's night got pretty exciting after that dressing room photo