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Mark Latham Just Got Sacked Again, Then He Started Firing Off Tweets

Sky News announced on air on Wednesday that Latham's contract had been "terminated".

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Former Labor leader Mark Latham has been sacked for the second time in two years, after a string of outbursts against a colleague, a prominent female radio broadcaster and a teenager.

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Latham's notorious Twitter account sprang to life on Wednesday, with tweets defending the Labor leader's latest outburst, in which he called a teenage boy "gay".

Why does bigoted Left assume use of word "gay" automatically negative? I love gays! Away from poisonous Left politics they are great people

It was then announced that Sky News had "terminated" Mark Latham contract with the news network in which he appeared as a political commentator.

While we support strong opinions and robust arguments we pride ourselves in doing so in a civil and respectful manner.

Recently, Latham had attacked his colleague Kristina Keneally and ABC host Wendy Harmer in the same episode of his Sunday political show.

To reiterate, I want an apology and that hasn't happened yet.

Keneally lodged a formal complaint with her Sky News bosses, while Harmer has sent a legal letter to the news network calling for an apology after Latham called her a "proven commercial failure" and "disabled".

It's the second time the former Labor leader has been sacked in two years. In 2015, Latham was sent his marching orders from the Australian Financial Review.

The Dismissal: The AFR has sacked poor Latho, who has retired to Mt Hunter Lodge for a rump steak (medium-rare). Maintain The Page.

A BuzzFeed News investigation revealed Latham was behind the @RealMarkLatham account, which attacked prominent women in the media including Australian of the Year Rosie Batty and former military officer Catherine McGregor.

Sucked in Buzzfed wanker. Cite run by me, Mitch Carter, legend, of Monks Lane, Mount Hunter, Lathos mate from school. HaHaHaHa dickheads.

His Sky News colleague Chris Kenny said he was sad to see Latham go.

Sad to see Biff go; has great insight and pushes against PC. I reckon he owed @wendy_harmer an apology but was hoping he'd stick around.

But others were surprised how quickly Latham returned to Twitter.

I like how as soon as Latham had nothing left to lose he immediately logged straight back on to twitter dot com

But people

in a way, that latham only ever uses this micro blogging website when he's between jobs is a powerful own on all of us here every day

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