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    Firefighters Had To Give A Dead Koala Mouth-To-Mouth And They Saved Him!

    "C'mon wake up. Take another breath."

    Melbourne fire crews plucked the injured koala, named "Sir Chompsalot" from a tree Thursday night and caught him in a large blanket.

    3AW Radio / Via

    According to ABC News, Sir Chompsalot had "died" and a woman on hand with Wildlife Victoria was on hand to perform mouth-to-mouth!

    3AW / Via

    The woman can be heard on the video saying, "C'mon wake-up... take another breath."

    She had "performed CPR on a dog previously".... and after some oxygen and heart rubbing, HE WAS ALIVE!

    3AW / Via

    Watch the full video here... and big love to Sir Chompsalot! Don't do that again mate.

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