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    Tanya Plibersek Was Told "Know Your Place" When She Was Blanked By The GG

    The GG with a burn.

    The governor-general has spent the morning re-opening the parliament and there was one vintage (highly) awkward moment from the senate.

    As Sir Peter Cosgrove went around the benches to shake the hands of the party leaders, it came to Labor's deputy leader Tanya Plibersek who reached out her hand and...

    It was left to a Labor colleague who heckled, "that says a lot, know your place Tanya!"

    GG Cosgrove shakes Shorten's hand. Plibersek goes in for a shake, gets rejected + Labor heckles 'that says a lot, know your place Tanya'.

    There's already much conjecture but apparently Plibersek should not have even expected a handshake because she's not a party leader.

    Just on the handshakes - GG shook hands with PM, Speaker of the House, Barnaby Joyce (leader of the Nats) and Shorten, leader of ALP.

    Here's that expression when you get blanked by the Australia's representative to the Queen:

    UPDATE: The governor-general personally called to apologise to Plibersek for the snub.

    "Ms Plibersek's position is that no apology is necessary, and that the whole thing's a storm in a teacup," said a spokesperson for her office.

    Well that's that then.