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This Throwaway Sentence At The Election Launch Really Pissed People Off

It sounds so simple when you put it like that.

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That's right. According to the PM "if you want to have less of something, you increase the tax on it." Simple. Immediately people asked, um, like carbon emissions?

lol Turnbull just said "If you want less of something you increase the tax on it" carbon emissions perhaps?

It's basic economics.

Hey like the tax on carbo- [im thrown into the back of a van and never heard from again]


The Coalition scrapped Australia's carbon tax when it came to government and replaced with a "direct action" policy.

How about carbon emissions. Didn't someone propose a carbon tax at some point? My memory is a little hazy

Turnbull himself once advocated fearlessly for an emissions trading scheme, which would put a price/tax on carbon.

"If you want to have less of something, you put a tax on it." Did Turnbull just announce a carbon tax, or does he not want less CO2?

Labor has promised to bring back an emissions trading scheme if they win this election.

"If you want to have less of something, you increase the tax on it." YES EXACTLY THAT'S WHAT THE CARBON TAX WAS YOU MUPPET #ausvotes

........and yet they got rid of the carbon tax....... 🤔🤔🤔🤔


People also noticed that Turnbull mentioned the words "climate change" a grand total of zero times in his election pitch.

PM went for 20 minutes. didn't mention climate change once. Was once a big priority

Interesting to note PM did not mention climate change at all in his pitch for re election.

How things change. Flashback to when Turnbull crossed the floor of the parliament back in 2010, saying it was "impossible" to vote against an emissions trading scheme.

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