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    Australia's Most Powerful Woman Is Not A Feminist

    "It's not because I have some pathological dislike of the term. I just don't like it."

    One of Australia's most powerful women, Julie Bishop has denied being a feminist while launching the "Women in Media" mentoring group at the National Press Club.

    Alan Porritt / AAP Images

    "It's not because I have some pathological dislike of the term (feminist). I just don't like it. It's not part of my lexicon. It's just not. I don't think anyone should take offence from that," she said on Wednesday at the launch of the support group for women in communications and media.

    "I'm a female politician. I'm a female foreign minister, well yeah, get over it."

    Ms Bishop said she was happy seeing Julia Gillard become the first ever female Australian Prime Minister, but said Ms Gillard then turned herself into a victim.

    "Then as should be the case she was judged by her competence and that's where she was found wanting. Sadly I think for the position of prime minister she then turned herself into a victim and portrayed herself as a victim. That was her choice."

    Ms Gillard was widely praised for making a stand against gendered attacks on her leadership which came to a head in 2012 when she called out then Opposition Leader Tony Abbott in the "Misogyny Speech".

    Ms Bishop is the only female minister on the government's front bench and is the deputy leader of the Liberal Party.

    Alan Porritt / AAP Images

    The 58-year-old was named the country's most powerful woman by Australian Woman's Weekly last month.

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