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Prime Minister Eats Another Onion While Passing New Security Laws

Layers added. Layers taken away.

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Prime minister Tony Abbott has chomped into another onion on Thursday morning while his government struck a deal to pass sweeping new surveillance legislation.

Mr Abbott met with Onions Australia at Parliament House this morning after creating a stir by biting into an unpeeled onion in Tasmania on the weekend.


According to News Corp, it was a brown onion and Mr Abbott peeled a few bits of skin off before biting into it.

It was reportedly "tasty".

Meanwhile communications minister Malcolm Turnbull presented a revised surveillance deal struck with Labor that will see everyone's metadata collected for a period of two years.

Under the new deal, police agencies will need to get a special warrant to access journalist's metadata to be approved by a secret court process.

The process will see several government appointed "public interest" barristers defending a journalist's sources in court.

It adds another layer to the process of bulk metadata collection. Like a layer on an onion.

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