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The Census Is Back And Yes, You Still Have To Do It

Do you still have to do it?

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Despite the fact the ABS website was attacked and there are concerns over privacy, yes, Australians are still being reminded that they have to do the census.

The census is hacked 4 times by foreign hackers, despite privacy assurances and we're still expected to complete it? #Dreaming #CensusFail

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull said on Thursday that only 6 million households have completed the census form.

PM says that 10 million households need to complete the census in order for it to be comprehensive. At the moment, we're at 6 million, max.

Australians will be given until 23 September to complete the form, with people running the risk of fines of $180 per day after that date for not completing it.

I'm wondering if there is literally anyone dumb enough to go "hooray census is back online. I'm gonna complete it now"

But with the ABS making a total hash of it, will it dare send out the fines to people who don't do it? Time will tell.

There are people who will have died since Tuesday night without having been able to complete the census first

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