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    Prime Minister Tony Abbott Smashes Entire Beer In Just Six Seconds

    And the crowd chants: "Tony! Tony! Tony! Tony!"

    Australia has a long history of producing beer-swilling prime ministers and it continued Saturday night when Tony Abbott had a go.

    Mr Abbott was at the Royal Oak hotel in Sydney's eastern suburbs when a local aussie rules team spotted him. Someone handed him a beer and the challenge was set.

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    And it takes just six seconds and the beer is gone!


    Earlier in the evening, Mr Abbott was at Manly rugby club's anniversary looking very happy.

    People are already praising Mr Abbott for his effort.

    See, this is what it's all about, you whinging girly crippled lefty underclass. Blokes. Drinking. Up yas. ”

    This is Australia.

    Let's get Tony Abbott and Shane Warne together for an evening. They can get thirsty. #auspol

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