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Here's The Powerful Political Ad You Probably Haven't Seen

"This is what the Turnbull Liberals think of us."

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Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull dined on prawn dumplings and pork buns and sipped on tea at Yum Cha yesterday and just metres away BuzzFeed News spotted this newspaper on a table.

Australia's most controversial union, the CFMEU, claimed credit for the ad, which translates the infamous Peter Dutton "illiterate refugees" quote into Mandarin, with the strapline: "THIS IS WHAT THE TURNBULL LIBERALS THINK OF US".

.@MarkDiStef Here's the English version!

It's significant because Dutton's comments were one of the true breakthrough moments of the campaign.

Channel 9/Today

Ethnic communities were outraged by his characterisation of refugees as illiterate, welfare dependant job-stealers.

The fact that the ad targets ethnic communities in their own language is a bit ironic. Is the CFMEU suggesting they can't speak English?

Anyway, there is now a media blackout in place, meaning political parties can no longer play TV or radio ads from now until the election.

Mark Di Stefano is a media and politics reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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