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    This Boy Literally Head-Desked Tony Abbott And It Was Hilarious

    How Head Desk Boy was born...

    When Australians get angry/upset/frustrated at prime minister Tony Abbott for a new gaffe, there is one image they turn to...HEAD-DESK BOY!

    I think this may be the pic of the year.

    Australia is wondering where this glorious photo, which has been shared thousands of times, was taken.


    On Friday 8 August last year, Abbott visited Seaforth Public School, on Sydney's northern beaches. It's a lovely school in Abbott's Warringah electorate.

    According to that day's Sydney Morning Herald, Abbott was visiting Year 4K's "persuasive writing" class and fielded questions about how to write with persuasion.

    "What happens when people don't agree with your point of view?" reportedly asked young Imogen.

    Abbott joked: "Well, that rarely happens as you know."

    He then said: "You can try very hard to persuade them and sometimes you succeed, sometimes you fail. If enough people don't agree, and if the hope of persuading them is remote, sometimes you have to accept that you just can't do whatever it is that you wanted to do."

    It was during one of these long answers that photographer Nikki Short snapped *the* picture.

    It's the perfect picture... Margie Abbott looking on lovingly, kids paying special attention, and Head-Desk Boy with his head planted firmly on the desk.

    BuzzFeed News can reveal that HDB did lift his head at one stage to listen...and stare straight ahead.

    Bravo, Head-Desk Boy, for articulating what so many Australians feel right now.