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Greg Combet Dropping F Bombs Pretty Much Sums Up The Rudd And Gillard Years

Greg "f*cking" Combet for PM.

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If there's anything that sums up the true spirit of ABC's Killing Season it's former senior Labor minister Greg Combet swearing, "fuck this" at the mere thought of a Rudd-Gillard leadership team.

The exquisite moment of real talk comes at the beginning of the ABC's new series when the former union boss recounts finding out that Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard would become the new Labor party leaders in 2006.

"I had the shits big time with what Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard were then up to," he said.

"After the 2004 calamity where the caucus saw fit to install Mark Latham and Labor lost both houses of parliament... I thought, 'fuck this' to be frank about it. I'm sick of it."

It's not the only expletives Combet dropped though. Brought into the environment portfolio to clean-up the mess of the botched home insulation scheme, he let's rip on the stuff-up that led to the deaths of insulation installers.

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"If you're gonna hand over 1600 bucks to an installer to go out to someone's home to install installation for free for the householder. They've got to at least have the life experience and experience the real economy to say well, shit that's open to abuse isn't it?"

"Sweary Combet" is the real star and probably makes a lot of people think, "fuck this" why don't we have this real talk in our politics!

Totally off the F*CKING leash, here it is again...

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