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    Labor MP Anthony Albanese Issues World's Shortest Press Release


    It's fair to say that Labor's Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Anthony Albanese and Sydney Airport Chairman Max Wilton-Moore have never really seen eye-to-eye.

    Like there was that time Mr Wilton-Moore threatened to sue Mr Albanese and called him a "grub" and "factional hack" for attacking him over the issue of Sydney's second airport.

    So when Mr Wilton-Moore announced his retirement today, Mr Albanese countered with this verbose press release.

    BuzzFeed News contacted Mr Albanese's office for further comment but his media advisor said, "No, no that's all we have to say".

    Seasoned political journalists were immediately dubbing it the "best press release ever".

    Is the best press release ever issued? @alboMP

    And the politician affectionately known as "Albo" had morphed into a meme.