This Couple Sold A Used Fridge To Tony Abbott And It's Kinda Adorable

    The 320-litre fridge, Gumtree, and a former PM.

    Tony Abbott was just "a regular dude in a baseball cap" when picking up a second-hand fridge on the weekend, proving that his fall from the nation's top job is probably finally complete.

    The fridge's owner, Emily Hastings, told BuzzFeed News she needed to get rid of her Daewoo fridge because she was moving overseas, and like thousands of Australians, turned to Gumtree.

    It was a woman with the Gumtree username "Margie" that came forward with the perfect bid – $300.

    "We dealt with someone called Margie and it wasn't until they showed to pick it up we realised that it was the former prime minister's wife [Margie Abbott]," said Emily.

    "She was really down-to-earth but they were both definitely in a bit of a hurry. Plus I'm pretty sure there were some security outside."

    BuzzFeed News asked if she had the chance to ask Tony and Margie why they needed the fridge? Like, did they not already have a fridge? Was it a second fridge? A sneaky garage fridge?

    "It was just a regular kitchen fridge, singular-top freezer, and I think it was 320 litres. Margie said she thought the fridge would come in handy come Christmastime."

    It appears the former prime minister really has been getting back to the swing of everyday life on Sydney's northern beaches since being brutally dumped in September.

    "Tony was just a regular dude in a baseball cap."

    Yeah, sure, just a regular dude in a baseball cap...NOW WITH A CHRISTMAS FRIDGE!