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The Attorney General Stepped Out In This Jumper And A Hilarious Meme Was Born

By George, he nailed it.

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Fairfax photographer extraordinaire Alex Ellinghausen snapped attorney-general George Brandis coming back to Canberra on Sunday and DEAR LORD was he rocking a comfortable sweater.

Attorney-General George Brandis arrives back in Canberra for the Spring sitting of Parliament

*puts ear to the ground* Yes sir, that's the sound of a hundred Aussies opening Photoshop...

...because Brandis was quickly transformed into Australia's next top model (minister).

Australia's next top attorney-general. #auspol

A drag race was not going to get in this AG's way. SLAY, GEORGE, SLAY!

Covergurl! Put the Brandis in your walk


And the world of high fashion could learn a thing or two.

So could all men tbh.

Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a woman's man: no time to talk.

The sweater had some people seeing a future for Brandis in the music industry.

@ArtOfBrandis please accept 'Wake Up Brandis'

The clear favourite though was "Brandis on Ice".



@BluebellBw @Prufrockery @sarahinthesen8 @DocEvatt

It was such a comformtable sloppy joe, people like ABC News Intern just kept pumping out instant classics.

When I saw the Brandis photo, I felt an expression cross my face, and it reminded me of…

Bloody hell things got weird.

This one is dedicated to @GreenJ and every other lover of Nordic Noir. #BrandisJumperDay #freethearts #auspol

But a shout-out to Triple J Hack reporter Alice Workman, who did the digging and uncovered the sweater. She even found a willing model.

What I've learnt about Brandis' Country Road knitwear - it's cream and blue & @chilliham bought his on sale in 2013.

Not sure we'll ever be able to look at the AG the same way ever again.

This must be your worst nightmare @jmodoh. (Pic via @kloussikian)

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