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This Political Press Conference Was The Messiest Drama Of 2017

"Australian politics is a girl on Tinder whose profile says 'if you can't handle me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best'."

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On Thursday South Australia's Labor premier Jay Weatherill (crew-cut, glasses) just happened to show up at the SAME press conference as federal energy minister Josh Frydenberg (red tie, WTF eyes).

Missed this the first time. Q: Minister, is this a bit awkward? @JoshFrydenberg- no! @JayWeatherill, on the long ru…

Both men were at the opening of a new "virtual power plant" (which was partly funded by the federal government) in Adelaide, and apparently neither knew they'd both be there. LOOK AT THIS PHOTO.

NOT AWKWARD AT ALL @JoshFrydenberg wedged between @JayWeatherill & @TKoutsantonisMP clutching energy plans…

And then there was the press conference! Frydenberg started by blaming the South Australian energy crisis on Weatherill's push for wind energy. So the SA premier gave quite a few shady looks.

Then it was Weatherill's turn, calling Frydenberg's appearance "galling" and saying "it's a disgrace the way your government has treated our state".



Adviser: So Josh Frydenberg is holding a press conference around the corner... Jay Weatherill:

It was one of the most exciting things to happen in Adelaide... well maybe ever.

The real stars of the show were the dudes behind them. There was South Australia's treasurer Tom Koutsantonis.

Nice ambush and background menace by @TKoutsantonisMP

And this bloke.

Then the press conference ended... WAIT... NO!... As if he was in an episode of Judge Judy, Weatherill then held a separate little chat with the camera.

Jay Weatherill is now giving a "outside the Judge Judy court room" style second doorstop after shirtfronting Josh Frydenberg #auspol


As did Frydenberg!

And Frydenberg is holding his own private post-presser presser. Says Weatherill's behaviour "pretty unbecoming and…

The federal energy minister said the whole drama was "unbecoming"... well I'll say!

"Pretty unbecoming, pretty childish, pretty unacceptable" - Josh Frydenberg has the last word after the world's most awkward presser #auspol

Who's got a cigarette?

I haven't seen such passive aggression since my latest email exchange with my real estate agent

I need a lie down.

@MarkDiStef Australian politics is a girl on Tinder whose profile says 'if you can't handle me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best'


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