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Prime Minister Scholarship Scandal Sentence Delayed Another Month

Freya Newman pleaded guilty to accessing the student records of Mr Abbott's daughter.

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The hearing of the student librarian who hacked the student records of the Prime Minister's daughter has been adjourned until November 25.

Mark Di Stefano for BuzzFeed

Freya Newman (right) accessed the student records of Frances Abbott at the Whitehouse Design Institute which revealed she had been granted a controversial scholarship.

The 21-year-old pleaded guilty earlier this year to accessing restricted material on a computer, during her time working as a part-time librarian for the Whitehouse Institute.

The police prosecutor is pushing for a conviction.

Prosecution: “Although she didn’t gain financially or personally…” but there needs to be deterrence to the community #FreyaSentence

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Prosecution: Although she didnt gain financially or personally but there needs to be deterrence to the community #FreyaSentence

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But the magistrate has decided to delay sentencing for another month.

BREAKING: Magistrate O<img src="">Sullivan wants time to consider and will find another date for sentence #FreyaSentence

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BREAKING: Magistrate OSullivan wants time to consider and will find another date for sentence #FreyaSentence

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Ms Newman arrived in court flanked by her parents on Thursday morning.

Ms Abbott also got a job working at the Whitehouse Institute after her degree which raised the eyebrows of some of her fellow students.

The media scandal created by the leaks caused several high profile people to come to Ms Newman's defence, including barrister Julian Burnside.

He wrote in the Guardian Australia: "If Newman had been working in a government organisation and had made an equivalent revelation from public service records, she would likely have been able to claim whistleblower protection."

The Whitehouse Institute also came under fire with vandalism committed against its Mebourne campus with student groups angry at the preferential treatment given to Mr Abbott's daughter.

The events were against set against the backdrop of wide-scale cuts to tertiary education in Australia.