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    Posted on 24 Nov 2014

    Freya Newman Escapes Jail Time Over Prime Minister Scholarship Scandal

    Newman hacked Frances Abbott's student records leading to the uncovering a dubious scholarship.

    The 21-year-old Sydney student librarian at the centre of the scholarship scandal involving the Prime Minister's daughter Frances Abbott has escaped jail time.

    Dean Lewins / AAP

    Freya Newman pleaded guilty to accessing the records of Ms Abbott while she was a student at the Whitehouse Institute of Design.

    David Crosling / AAPIMAGE

    Using the login details of a teacher, Newman passed on information to media outlet New Matilda that revealed the Prime Minister's daughter had received a scholarship worth tens of thousands of dollars.

    In court today, Magistrate Margaret O'Sullivan sentenced Newman to a section 10 and a two year good behaviour bond.

    More to come.

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