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    Julia Gillard Mentally Prepared For Misogyny Speech With F Bombs

    "For fuck's sake!"

    Julia Gillard has revealed what she was thinking right before she made her famous "misogyny speech" writing that she was "so fired up" she was swearing to herself.

    Ms Gillard writes in Chapter 6 of her memoirs My Story, that as she was getting ready to attend Question Time in 2012 - set to be grilled for her decision to elevate Peter Slipper to the speakership - she was fed up with "all the shit" she had been putting up with.

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    Australia's first female prime minister launched the 15 minute tirade against then Opposition Leader Tony Abbott which became a viral sensation.

    The speech had such an impact it even prompted Australia's Macquarie Dictionary to change the definition of "misogyny" from "the hatred of women" to "entrenched prejudice against women."

    She's not the first leader to let it all hang out before a major speech.

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    And one suspects she won't be the last.

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