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    Tony Abbott Resigned Using A Fax Machine And It's Pretty Perfect

    A fax check, if you will.

    Tony Abbott did not hand his resignation letter to Australia's governor-general. He didn't even courier it. He didn't even scan it and send it as a PDF. He FAXED IT!

    BuzzFeed News confirmed the detail reported by Channel 9's Laurie Oakes on Tuesday night that in the wake of losing his party leadership Tony Abbott officially faxed a copy of his resignation to the Queen's representative.

    It's a fascinating detail about the final act of the Abbott prime ministership, not least because it got people scratching their heads about why the staunch monarchist would do such a thing.

    But BuzzFeed News understands it was an agreed arrangement made between both offices and that later in the day Abbott visited Cosgrove for a long face-to-face chat.

    The resignation fax also throws into contrast Abbott and his successor, the tech-obsessed Malcolm Turnbull. The new PM, who wears an Apple Watch, was spotted scrolling through his iPhone during minister's answers in Question Time.

    Just in case people don't know, a fax machine sends exact physical copies of documents which have been electronically scanned.

    BuzzFeed News spoke to several staffers who all reported that government ministers and their departments regularly use fax machines. Yep, in the year 2015.

    The fax was just too much for some though.

    Abbott Last Person On Earth To Resign By Fax

    Guys, Abbott's fax resignation got a reply!: .- -... --- ..- - ..-. ..- -.-. -.- .. -. --. - .. -- . .-.-.-

    So, Abbott broke up with Australia like Phil Collins did with his wife: by fax. How 1997 of him.

    And surely Australia's new PM will be AirDrop-ping all future correspondence.

    Abbott's fax machine vs. Turnbull's apple watch in a fight to the death.