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Family Feud Asked A Dumb Sexist Question And Then Got Dumb Sexist Responses

"Cooking, cleaning, nursing, hairdresser..." Oh hello there 1950s.

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It was all going along nicely on Australia's Family Feud last night when host Grant Denyer asked "name something people think is a woman's job?"

Family Feud's long running format pits two families head to head, asking them to name the top eight answers to a survey put to "100 Australians."

Ten play
Ten play

And the answers last night will make you think it's the 1950s all over again...

Oh dear.

Earlier in the night contestants were asked, "what is a man's job?"

The answers were building, tradie (tradesman), mowing the lawn, fixing things, bins, carpentry, mechanic, plumbing.

UPDATE 1430 AEST: Channel 10 released a statement apologising for the "ill-advised" questions.

"Network Ten apologises for including two questions relating to what people think is a man's job and a woman's job in the episode of Family Feud which aired last night on Network Ten," said a spokeswoman to BuzzFeed.

"The questions were ill advised and should not have been included in the show. The survey results are determined by 100 people and we understand they are not reflective of all Australians."

Here's what we think may have been a better list of answers to the question.

Mark Di Stefano