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Julie Bishop Describes Serious Diplomatic Relationships With Emoji

Exclusive: World's first political emoji interview.

Australia's foreign affairs minister, Julie Bishop, simply loves using emojis to make a point. In a BuzzFeed News exclusive, we sat down with her for the world's first political emoji interview.

1. We started off with a simple one to get the ball rolling.

2. But it turns out that her emoji patronus is a monkey.

3. When asked to hand out emoji spirit animals to others, she gave prime minister Tony Abbott the running man. Is he running to his right?

4. And the man tipped to challenge Abbott for the top job got the iPhone. Is that because he loves working the phones?

5. Meanwhile, she thinks Russian President Vladimir Putin is embodied in the red-faced angry man.

6. Bishop is famous for her morning running routine. Does she enjoy a dance also? Maybe.

7. And when it comes to her downtime...

8. ...she's just like us tbh.

9. But what about some serious emoji-plomacy? Let's put Australia's relationships into perspective.

10. Then there's Australia's biggest trading partner and Asian neighbour.

11. Australia's most intense relationship at the moment is with Indonesia, which is set to execute two Australians for drug smuggling. The presence of "pensive face" is telling here.

12. Bishop's position on marriage equality is "open hands", which in this case could be interpreted as "jazz hands".

13. The other elephant in the room is Bishop's soaring popularity, which comes as Abbott's sinks. So does she want his job?

14. And finally, we found out her secret weapon emoji.

It's the emoji mind of Australia's forward-thinking foreign minister.