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This Politician Accidentally Sent A Text Calling A Journalist A "Mad Fucking Witch" To The Journalist

That thing when you send a text to the person the text was about.

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Dutton made the gaffe after responding to a story about dumped minister Jamie Briggs, who had been forced to resign as cities minister after drunkenly harassing a female public servant in a Hong Kong Bar.

Peter Dutton SMS's Briggs calling @samanthamaiden 'mad f..king witch', sends it to Sam, not Briggs @dailytelegraph

Maiden, who is the national political editor for News Corp's Sunday tabloids, had written a column criticising Briggs for leaking a photo of the female public servant.

In response Dutton wrote a text intended for Briggs calling Maiden a "mad fucking witch" and instead of sending it to his mate, sent it to her.

"Sam and I have exchanged some robust language over the years so we had a laugh after this and I apologised to her straight away, which she took in good faith," confessed Dutton.


Absolutely no one can keep their shit together.

dutton’s text: hey. you up? my parents aren’t home, come over dutton’s mum: peter, you’ve sent this to me again

Jessica Jones even weighed into Australian politics for the day.

@samanthamaiden as far as I'm concerned, it's a compliment. From one #madfuckingwitch to another, welcome to the club...

Dutton has form referring to women as witches, sending this tweet back in 2010.

telling nicola to get on her broomstick is hardly "grossly unparliamentary" as joolia claimed

Acting Labor leader Penny Wong called the text message "boorish" and demanded prime minister Malcolm Turnbull address it.

"(Peter Dutton is) behaving in a way which really is boorish and is unbecoming of anyone let alone a senior cabinet minister. Well I don't think that's acceptable. I don't think Australians think it's acceptable and I think this really is a test for Malcolm Turnbull," she said on Monday afternoon.

It's been a rough holiday period for the government:

- One minister has said sorry for calling a female journalist a "mad fucking witch".

- One minister has been forced to resign for lecherously kissing a female public servant on the neck at a Hong Kong Bar.

- One minister has been dumped from the ministry as the Australian Federal Police investigates his involvement in the political scandal known as "Ashbygate".

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