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    This Woman Makes Dresses Out Of Condoms And It's Incredible

    Damn that's a lot of frangers

    Attendees walking through the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne have been marveling at this beautiful dress.

    But if you look a little closer, IT'S MADE COMPLETELY FROM CONDOMS.

    And there are other prophylactic masterpieces in the series.

    The pieces are made by Brazilian-based artist/designer/activist Adriana Bertini as part of her project called "Condom Couture".

    Ms Bertini puts on workshops aimed at raising awareness for safe sex messages, in an effort to combat STIs and HIV/AIDS.

    Participants are walked through the process of dying, shaping and assembling condom art. And encouraged to discuss the roles condoms play in sex.

    Ms Bertini gets young people *touching* and *feeling* the condoms.

    And she's been plying her trade in the fashion-condom world for a while.

    She's gotten so good there are now catwalk shows where you can see her beautiful designs.

    Always focused on safe-sex and body empowerment.

    Some of these pieces are truly epic.

    And weirdly captivating.

    And this Brazilian has a bit of a rebellious side, like when she made Madonna of the Raincoat.

    So you go Adriana Bertini! Keep spreading the safe love message, beautifully packaged.