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The Simple Details Of Rape, Self-Harm And Child Sexual Abuse At Nauru's Detention Centre

Warning: This post contains references to rape, child sexual harassment and self-harm.

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An independent review has confirmed widespread allegations of child sexual abuse, sexual assault and reports of children self-harming at the immigration detention centre on the small Pacific island on Nauru.

The Nauruan centre which houses asylum seekers who attempt to come to Australia while their refugee claims are being processed, has come under intense criticism from NGOs for the conditions in the centre's camps.

The independent review of the recent allegations by Australia's former integrity commissioner Philip Moss was released on Friday afternoon. It confirmed many of the worse fears of asylum seekers advocates.

1. At least one women at the centre was reportedly forced to show her naked body to get access to the showers.


9. And there are serious concerns the sexual assault at the centre is being "under-reported".

The full Moss review can be found here.