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    The Curious Case Of An Australian Politician's Deleted Tweets


    Last week, BuzzFeed News was alerted to a curious online cull by Michael Danby, a Labor backbench MP from Melbourne.

    It appeared Danby was going through and methodically deleting tweets and retweets which were critical of UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

    Using Politwoops, a website that stores politicians' deleted tweets, BuzzFeed News noticed Danby was digging deep through his timeline to delete tweets and un-retweet others which ragged on Corbyn.

    One of the tweets read "Corbyn must go". Another referred to "idiot Corbynistas". With just a few weeks until the UK general election, all of Danby's anti-Corbyn tirades were scrubbed.

    One of the reasons Danby appears to be critical of Corbyn is because of the Labor MP's strong views on Israel. One of the tweets accused Corbyn of being a "Hamas and Hezbollah supporter".

    BuzzFeed News contacted Danby about why he had deleted his past anti-Corbyn tweets. The MP blamed one of his staffers for "miss-interpolation" with regards to a request he'd made to clean up his timeline.

    "I asked to take some old ones down and put up some new ones," Danby said over Twitter direct message.

    "Will ask for more care when we do same process with tweets critical of Trump. Think [staffer] over interpreted, certainly haven't changed my attitude.

    "Do people follow my tweets so closely?" asked Danby.