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This Video Of Young Malcolm Turnbull Slamming Double Dissolution Threats Is Very Funny Now

"A prime minister frightened of the consequences of his mismanagement, now wants to cut and run before he is found out."

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Way back in 2009, when Malcolm Turnbull was opposition leader he took the time to attack prime minister Kevin Rudd for threatening to bring on an early election on climate change.

Turnbull was delivering the traditional "budget reply" speech. He made it very clear that Rudd's threats of a double dissolution election were about the PM trying to keep his job.

And that not serving out the full term showed that the PM was scared of facing "the consequences of his management".

Saying it was equivalent to doing a "cut and run".

The segment of the speech, posted by ABC News, resonates pretty powerfully now that Turnbull has done exactly the thing he was once so critical about. Politics eh.

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