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    Cricketer Steve Smith Hugged Lion Cubs And It'll Make Your Heart Burst

    Steve Smith = hero.

    Australian Steve Smith was an absolute hero yesterday, hitting a century in his side's victory over India in the World Cup semi-final.

    Ryan Pierse / Getty Images

    But it wasn't just that... Smith also picked up an incredible run-out in a dominating fielding performance.

    Mark Kolbe / Getty Images


    And everyone wanted to give him a high-five. Like, Smith had no idea who to high-five first.

    Matt King / Getty Images

    So let's flashback to 2012 when Smith attended a Johannesurg lion park... AND OMFG THE CUTE IS OVERWHELMING.

    Amazing time at the lion park in Johannesburg! I want to take this little cub home with me!

    Those blonde streaks, that smile... THAT LION CUB.

    New cricket OTP.

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