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This Politician Had The Perfect Response To The UN's Shaming Of Tiny Countries

It's not the size of the country that counts...

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Meet Helen Clark (left), the former New Zealand prime minister who is in the running for the hotly contested job of secretary general of the United Nations.

There is one problem.

The UN has a policy where the job gets rotated around the regions of the world. This time it's supposed to go to someone from Eastern Europe. That doesn't matter to Helen Clark though, she's running anyway.

So when Clark was asked whether it was appropriate for leaders from tiny regions to be considered for the job at a UN town hall yesterday, she dropped the mic.

"My country belongs to a grouping, for electoral purposes at the UN, called 'Western Europe and Others Group'. I'm from the others," said Clark.

The room cheered and laughed as she said "others" could be jokingly referred to as "orphans" adding, "my little country is from the South Pacific and it's never had a secretary general either".

Clark nailed home the point, on behalf of tiny countries everywhere: "I really think that when we look at the scale of the challenges our world is facing, we need a global search for the best talent."

Mark Di Stefano is a media and politics reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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