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    Veteran Nurse At The Centre Of Australia's Ebola Scare Tests Negative

    Updated: Sue-Ellen Kovack does not have Ebola, Queensland Health confirmed.

    UPDATE — 4:29 p.m.: Queensland Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jeanette Young, announced that Sue-Ellen Kovack has tested negative for the Ebola virus.

    #Qld #Ebola case returns negative result - more to follow

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    #Qld #Ebola case returns negative result - more to follow

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    The woman will remain under observation for at least another 24 hours as a precaution, Young said.

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    The woman at the centre of Australia's Ebola scare has been identified as an experienced remote health nurse who has served several times with the Red Cross in war torn areas.

    Sue-Ellen Kovack was placed in quarantine in Cairns Base Hospital on Thursday after volunteering for one month in a Sierra Leone field hospital treating Ebola patients.

    While in Africa the 57-year-old proudly documented her work on Facebook, sending updates from the frontline of the Ebola effort.

    In an interview with the Cairns Post before she left the nurse said, "I’m a little bit nervous, a little bit anxious but healthily anxious I think."

    "I just think everything I’ve done in my career so far has led me to this... I’m a humanist at heart and it’s a big world out there with a lot of issues."

    Ms Kovack is a remote area nurse flying to areas in north Australia, including, Northern Territory, Western Australia and Cape York.

    Ms Kovack is originally from Ontario, Canada and started volunteering with the Red Cross back in 2000 being deployed to South Sudan and Sierra Leone.

    Queensland's Chief Medical Officer Dr Jeanette Young labelled Ms Kovack an "amazing lady" for volunteering in Sierra Leone and for self-reporting her mild fever which led to fears she contracted Ebola.

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