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We Slid Into Australia's Alternate Prime Minister's Twitter DMs To Ask Weirdly Specific "Would You Rathers"

Exclusive: Australia's first ever DM interview.

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The Labor leader loves his phone to keep up-to-date and text his MPs to crunch the numbers.

He was back at it over the weekend, marshaling his allies to significant votes on marriage equality and asylum seeker policy at his party's national conference in Melbourne.

BuzzFeed News thought that we'd ~slide~ into his Twitter DMs to interview him and get to know more about the man who would be Australia's next prime minister.

Like all politicians, Shorten has been criticised for avoiding tough questions. We decided it was only appropriate to put them in the most direct format: "would you rathers."

There are several important differences between the Abbott government's policy and Shorten's:

- The ALP would only turnback boats coming from Indonesia

- It would end the media blackout of reporting boat arrivals

- It would also double the refugee intake to 27,000

Reflecting on Shorten's answer to the "would you rather" it appears he'd rather be prime minister with the government's controversial policy, than not be PM with Australia having the ALP's "more humane" approach.

Next we asked about whether he'd rather see the Labor party's anti-LGBT right wing powerbroker Joe De Bruyn or the Liberal party's more moderate Malcolm Turnbull as prime minister.

Shorten kept the ALP's conscience vote on marriage equality, much to the disappointment of LGBT activists. So we asked him about how far he'd go to get marriage equality passed.

... a face saving end to a very revealing Twitter DM.

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