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    Newsreader Breaks Down After Realising She Knows Sydney Siege Victim

    Sunrise host reduced to tears identifying the woman killed in Sydney's hostage situation.

    Sunrise newsreader Natalie Barr was brought to tears this morning when she learned about the death of Sydney hostage victim Katrina Dawson.

    Channel Seven/Sunrise

    Barr read the news on Australia’s top-rated morning TV programme and revealed Ms Dawson's identity live on air.

    "Katrina Dawson was the sister of a prominent barrister Sandy Dawson who has done some work for Channel Seven," she said.

    "I know (him) and have friends who know, she was a mother of three children. I'm just finding this out this morning."

    Dawson (left) and the Lindt Cafe's manager, Tori Johnson, were identified as the hostages who were killed in the siege this morning.

    Supplied / AAP

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