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    Australian Tabloid Newspaper Names First "Dick Joke Correspondent"

    "Hard news - throbbing in fact."

    The NT News shocked the Australian media landscape late on Thursday announcing it had appointed its first "Dick Joke Correspondent".


    The tabloid based in the Northern Territory is known for its often irreverent, sharp and hilarious take on the news and BuzzFeed has been told it's no joke.

    "We saw a niche in the market that needed to be filled," Digital Editor Dave Krantz told BuzzFeed in an exclusive one on one interview.

    The new correspondent David Wood (of course) told BuzzFeed on the appointment, "the yarn is no way con-cock-ted" and described it as "hard news - throbbing in fact"


    Wood has been working in the newspaper's trusted and infamous "dangerous animals department" recently.

    NTNews / Via

    But from all reports, Wood's always had good game.

    “@djwoodeye: I think Mr Men books may have gone a bit far now @weskrantz ” @MarkDiStef the early days

    Dave Krantz@weskrantz

    “@djwoodeye: I think Mr Men books may have gone a bit far now @weskrantz ” @MarkDiStef the early days

    11:32 AM - 15 Aug 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    And when asked his favourite "dick joke"-related story, Wood nominated the "Majestic Sky Penis" as a favourite

    NTNews / Via

    BuzzFeed hopes Wood and the NT News go hard covering the beat... let's hope other media outlets rise to the occasion.

    NT News / Via

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