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Australian Cricket Fans Keep Being Casually Racist And It's Ridiculous

Just log off.

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If you didn't already know Australia is playing India in the World Cup semi-final in Sydney.





It started with Australia's top-rating TV host Karl Stefanovic asking an Indian cricket fan live on television this casually racist question:

Channel 9

Stefanovic was lucky that one of the fans, Kartik, saved his blushes by zinging him back.

Not content with his casually racist joke, Stefanovic doubled down on Twitter just hours later.

For a variety of reasons it would be sweet as if Australia wins this World Cup. Otherwise I will have to buy my NZ lamb from another 7 11.

Then it was former Australian rugby union captain Tim Horan's turn at a casually racist joke.

Scott Barbour / Getty Images

How is this funny??!! Let's generalise all Indian Australians as convenience store attendants and taxi drivers. It's comedy gold.

He later apologised and called it "an innocent error".

Hi all earlier tweet today was an innocent error......never meant to offend anyone

Let's not stop there. Slide into Horan's mentions and you'll find that some Aussies just couldn't help themselves.

@TimHoran12 about as good as trying to get your computer fixed!

@P_Slats @TimHoran12 telemarketing calls will be quiet today

Look. Hundreds of millions of Indians are probably watching Australia right now because they want to watch a cracking game of cricket.

You're not a comedy genius or even funny at all by making a joke characterizing an entire nation of people as service providers.

You're a fool and you're an embarrassment to Australia.

Log off.

Or do what Yadu does and try to push back against casual racism.

@P_Slats @TimHoran12 or seeing a doctor or meeting an accountant! :-)