The Prime Ministerial Crotch Shot You Cannot Unsee

Two Prime Ministers, one tyre.

1. Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been showing Japan’s leader Shinzo Abe around Western Australia. Where this happened.

2. Mine in the Pilbara = great chance for a happy snap. Look how happy they are!

3. The substantial amount of crotch on show had some recoiling.

4. Soon Tony Abbott Flashing Crotch was being remixed by the internet.

5. Tony Abbott doing a sick kick flip.

6. Tony Abbott as 90s back-up dancer.

found out what tony abbott did for cash before he got into politics: back-up dancing

— mindy manonduz (@menendymendez)

7. Tony Abbott stopping the boats.


— Bec (@Brocklesnitch)

8. Tony Abbott big game hunting.

@Brocklesnitch totally

— Tim Norton (@norton_tim)

9. Line-dancing Tony Abbott.

Tony Abbott does line dancing... With safety specs... #tonyabbott #auspol

— Ryan Waring (@ryanwaring)

10. The singing and dancing Tony Abbott.

11. Tony Abbott shows off the move in Japan.

@jmac / Via Twitter: @jmac

12. Tony Abbott getting a leg-up over Clive.

This actually happened and is definitely not a crap photoshop I just did on my phone

— Ben (@rebenjamint)

13. Tony Abbott loving Gangnam Style.

Oh internets, I love you and your @TonyAbbottMHR memes #auspol

— Susan Sherwood (@susan_sherwood)

14. Some were seriously political.

Geez, Tony. You're not supposed to do that BEFORE they get on the boats! @mariekehardy @leggoet #auspol

— Reid Parker (@ReidParker_)

15. Tony Abbott is bringing sexy back to Australian politics.

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Mark Di Stefano is a political editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney.
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