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The One Slide That Perfectly Illustrates Why Australians Feel Ripped Off

Australians losing in the #content wars.

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The slide was presented by Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull and shows the long delays and exorbitant charges laid on Australians with regards to film, TV and music using three recent examples.

Josh Taylor / Via Twitter: @joshgnosis

Mr Turnbull's presentation was given as part of the public consultation process into the Federal Government's copyright policy, which held a well-publicized event in Sydney on Tuesday night.


Opposition MP Ed Husic noticed the slide and tweeted it Tuesday night, saying it represented how Australians felt ripped off by large content providers.

2nd slide at #CopyrightAU touches on #FairIT4Oz ... #justsaying

Ed Husic@edhusicMP

2nd slide at #CopyrightAU touches on #FairIT4Oz ... #justsaying

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