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Lord Ashcroft's Polling Numbers "Nowhere Near" Results Of The Exit Poll

The Conservative peer's exit poll of 12,000 voters had the Tories on 34% to Labour on 31%

Lord Ashcroft's poll of 12,000 voters shows a tighter race than the surprising numbers in the national exit poll.

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Ashcroft, speaking on London radio's LBC, said his poll had the Conservatives at 34% to Labour's 31%, suggesting a much tighter race than first thought. The Lib Dems had 9% of the vote and UKIP was on 14%.

The national exit poll had the Tories winning 316 seats to Labour on 239 seats, putting David Cameron just 10 seats off winning a majority.

"It's nowhere near what the exit poll suggests," said Lord Ashcroft, referring to the poll released at 10pm.

The Conservative peer also revealed 33% of those polled made up their mind on who to vote for last week and 11% decided on polling day.

It suggested that those who decided late, slightly went for Labour.

Of those who decided in the last week, 27% went to the Tories and 30% to Labour.

And there were breakdowns of which leaders people preferred.

UKIP voters preferred Cameron to Miliband by 56% to 13%

Labour voters preferred EM over DC by 79% to 7%, but 13% said they didn’t know

Lib Dem voters preferred Cameron to Miliband by 52% to 21%

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