This Is How Not To Answer When Asked "Do You Support Islamic State?"

    "Do you support Islamic State?" MUST WATCH ABC interview.

    ABC's Lateline hosted a mind-boggling feature interview on Wednesday night, with Emma Alberici duelling with Wassim Doureihi, a spokesman from controversial Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir.

    The Prime Minister targetted Hizb ut-Tahrir earlier in the day, calling them "hate preachers" and announcing a crackdown on speech he considered anti-Australian.

    Alberici asked Doureihi specifically whether Hizb ut-Tahrir supports Islamic State fighters, not once, not twice... but 16 times!!

    At one point Doureihi condemned violence but yet wouldn't give a simple yes or no to the original repeated question.

    It left Alberici to give a masterclass in eye-rolling and passive aggressiveness.

    And the audience was left yelling at their TVs!

    The host called it "extraordinary" and fielded several complaints on Twitter.

    @NeilJohnno I've never, in 20 years of broadcasting had someone not answer a single question. Extraordinary

    Wassim Dourehi did a seriously bad job on #lateline tonight. Did not answer a single question

    Emma Alberici was right to stridently push for proper answers to her questions given inflammatory nature of Hizb ut-Tahrir #lateline #auspol

    It's on! I think Hisb ut-Tahrir need a new spokesperson. #lateline #auspol

    After watching that #lateline interview with @albericie I thought this might be appropriate.

    But there was definitely not universal praise for Albericie's hard questioning.

    Sure, go in hard, press the interview subject, but the qs were what I'd expect from Bolt or Alan Jones. @albericie @rglover702

    @Stivette @Lateline @albericie @ABCTV Emma you got a meme now Congrats #ABC #Australia #twarofterror

    And Facebook users bombarded Lateline's Facebook page with complaints.

    The Prime Minister seized on the interview as proof Hizb ut-Tahrir were "un-Australian" and personally praised Alberici's interview.

    Prime Minister Abbott: ”Good on Emma Albericie, she’s a feisty interviewer… I think she spoke for our country last night” #lateline #auspol

    Commercial radio stations were playing the audio all morning.

    @Simon_Cullen I just heard 10 of the 11 minutes replayed by Ray Hadley while sitting in the waiting room at the doctors.

    It's a moment few will forget, for a show that was rumored to be axed just weeks ago.

    Todays question. Will @albericie end up on #Abcmediawatch? Next question: Who cares?

    Watch the full interview here.