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    29 Things You Only Know If You Grew Up In Fremantle

    "You're pissed off 'mining prices' have come to Freo"

    1. You tell everyone you’re from Freo because it’s way cooler than being from Perth.

    Kristian Maley / Wikimedia Commons

    2. You scream when someone pronounces it "Fre-MAAAN-tle"

    DreamWorks / Via

    3. You wish you went to John Curtin with all the cool kids. But you more likely went to South Freo.

    The Worst of Perth / Via

    4. Unless your parents were rich and then you had to don a school tie and ended up at CBC or Santa Maria.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    5. Freo's weather is 90% sunny and is probably the best weather in all of Australia.

    6. Plus, you looked forward to the days it got above 42 degrees before 9:30am and didn’t have to go to school.

    7. And you know how the 'Fremantle Doctor' works.

    8. You’re angry “mining prices" have now come to Fremantle.

    9. Try taking a trip to Rottnest Island these days! It’s cheaper packing up and going to Bali.

    Onya Magazine / Via

    10. But Rotto will always hold precious memories for you... like the time you got to 3rd base at Pinkies Beach! Or lost your virginity at Leavers...

    11. Speaking of Bali…. it’s the weekend, want to go to Bali?

    Bogan Free Bali / Via

    12. You can remember when North Freo was an industrial wasteland.

    Real Commercial / Via

    13. You couldn’t wait to go to The Harbourside when you turned 18 and now it's Little Creatures.

    Your Restaurants / Via

    14. You still like to tell everyone Little Creatures is Australia's best beer cause it's brewed in Freo.

    15. Metros Freo was your guilty pleasure but you wouldn’t be caught dead at The Clink… or would you?

    16. The best day of the year was the Freo Festival Parade.

    17. And the best day of your life was when Freo made the Grand Final last year

    Theron Kirkman / AAP / Via

    18. Except old Freo locals support the Eagles and they like telling you why that’s apparently really important.

    AFL / Via

    19. Despite that, your Mum would still like Matthew Pavlich's babies.

    20. But you've got a strange and unhealthy crush on Nathan Fyfe.

    21. Ok real talk: painting the Queensgate carpark only made it more ugly.


    22. You always like to remind people Freo gave the world Bon Scott (AC/DC).

    23. And who are we kidding, Freo's music scene is off the chain! Ever heard of Little Birdy? Tame Impala? Eskimo Joe?

    24. And you definitely know someone who had this as their ringtone last year.

    View this video on YouTube

    25. You’ve spent so much money on flights returning to Freo for weddings.

    26. But every single time you do, you think, why did I ever leave?

    27. Cause Freo has the best night-life and the best people.

    28. Everything you need...

    29. So Freo. So good.

    Specialist Freo knowledge supplied by Sally Rugg and Henny Smith

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